As a kid and even now, I love playing Nintendo. I personally believe it always has been and will be the ultimate system. From the NES, to the Gamecube, to the now ever popular Switch, the staple of that company has easily been Super Mario Brothers. The  game has seen so many developments, like branching out from the Mario Brothers games, into it's own world, into a board game like Mario Party, and also sports games, like the upcoming Mario Golf Super Rush being released in one month on June 25th. There is even an actual Super Mario World coming to Florida within the next 5 years.

A Peruvian artist well known for re-imagining countries and states into worlds in Super Mario Bros. video game levels has recently given his take on what Michigan would look like inside a Mario Bros game, and he did not disappoint. He even included the Spirit of Detroit statue, Skyline, and he also included the star in Lansing. Spot on: [See Below]

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Below the picture, the artist Miguel speaks on how he was inspired to draw Michigan like this:

I am from Peru and I gotta be honest, the first time I have ever heard anything related to the Michigan state was in 2006 I think. A brief mention of Detroit in Scary Movie 4 had me laughing, and I was watching the very same scene the other day... and I couldn't let another week pass without doing an illustration of the whole state. It depicts the interstate highways as well as some other roads to connect to further towns. Forest cover and a few landmarks are true to what we find on reality, as well as those sandy coast in the west. I hope I have made you justice guys.

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