Bugs are something we deal with in Michigan all the time, so it's really not a big deal when we have to endure them in the spring. However, experts are saying we're going to have more bugs on our hands to deal with than what we're probably used to.

According to The National Pest Management Association, their Bug Barometer (yes, that's what it's actually called) report claims that we can expect a little more this year from our buggy friends. Specifically, ants, mosquitoes, termites and ticks.

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Dr. Jim Fredericks, Ph.D., chief entomologist for the NPMA:

The spring and summer season is often associated with time spent outside after a long winter, so it’s important for the public to be prepared for the pests they may encounter when enjoying the great outdoors.

Last winter, regions across the country endured unusual weather patterns, which can have a direct effect on pest pressure. This means pest activity is on the up-and-up, so folks can expect more frequent encounters with spring-time pests this year.

Erik Karits; Unsplash
Erik Karits; Unsplash

The National Pest Management Association claims that residents of the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley and Midwest regions should expect a warm spring followed by a warm and wet summer. That doesn't sound much different from last year as we had so much rain. If it's warm and wet, prepare for the mosquitos and ticks.

Erik Karits; Unsplash
Erik Karits; Unsplash

Moisture-loving pests like ticks, mosquitoes and termites can pose serious health and property risks. Our Bug Barometer forecast helps people know what to expect for the coming season as well as the best ways to prepare and protect themselves, their families and their property.

It's not breaking news or anything but it is nice to be aware...so you can prepare.

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