Here's a discussion for the dinner table:

Michigan is trying to achieve a healthy wolf population. But it's also home to a large number of cattle - mostly dairy cattle, but some beef. What happens when some of your almost endangered, state-managed wolf population kills some (almost 50) of your state's privately owned cattle? And what if the wolves do not appear to be aggressive toward humans? Do you accept some loss and refund the cattle owners, or do you kill the wolves who are enjoying their extra-rare steaks?

According to the Detroit News, that exact scenario played out two years ago in the Upper Peninsula. Did the state do the right thing? (And what about when we get a few more cougars up there? That should be interesting)

I won't tell you what I think, just yet. I'm a fan of having wild wolves in the state, but I'm also a fan of farmers and ranchers and anybody making a living with an ag-based family business.


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