A woman in Holland who doesn't want her last name shared said she opened her mailbox last month and found a peculiar package.
"When I opened this it was a huge Ziploc bag and it said on there, 'You've been pooped on want to know by whom? Turn over"' said Donna according to WZZM-TV. But when her son grabbed a pair of gloves and turned the card over it said only '''You'll never find out who did this.'"
Donna said the package was specifically addressed to her and listed her name and address and a post office box address where sender information is normally shown. A quick reverse address search pulled up poopsenders.com but it doesn't solve the mystery of who delivered the dump.
"I'm glad it didn't have a leak out the bag or anything" Donna laughed.
According to the poop senders website, sending poop for entertainment purposes, is legal.
Source: CNN

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