A Wayne County woman better be hooking her mother up after this big lotto win.

Although we're just finding out about this big win, the magic moment happened on December 18th when the very lucky 37-year-old Wayne County, Michigan woman and her mother were at the Flappers Cafe' on Southfield Road in Lincoln Park.  The lotto winner told MLive that she took advice from her mother that lead to the life-changing moment,

I was out with my mom and playing Club Keno.  My mom told me that the Fast Cash jackpot was more than $1.6 million and suggested I give that game a try.

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She did, in fact, give that game a try.  The total jackpot on that day for the Michigan Lottery's Lucky 7s Fast Cash was $1,682,998.  In complete disbelief she had the bar owner scan her ticket to confirm that she did just win that huge jackpot.  He was able to confirm that her life was changed on that day.

The winner asked to remain anonymous.  Just like winning the Super Bowl, she plans on going to Disney World with her winnings.  Her son will be a part of that amazing trip.  She's also going to purchase a new home and clear out her student debt.  We couldn't be happier for the lucky Michigander.

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