If you're a snow bunny, I have some bad news for you. But if you're someone who dreads Michigan winters because you don't dig the snow, you'll be happy to hear this. It might be a little while before we see some real winter weather.

According to mlive, the temperature for the next two weeks or so will be in the mid-30's for Lower Michigan. With it being as warm as it is, experts are saying that if it does snow, it won't stick around because it will melt quickly.

"The warmer than average temperatures are expected to continue right up to the beginning of next year. The forecast below gives Michigan a 60 percent to 70 percent chance of warmer than normal weather."

I'm one of those people who doesn't dig winter, so I'm more than okay with this information. Maybe it's because I'm always freezing. Or it could be because I've never really tried any winter activities. I can ice skate, but I've never gone skiing or snowboarding. Which I'm determined to do this year.

White winter rafting sounds pretty cool too! Not only does it look like a lot of fun, but they swear you barely get wet. I don't know how true that is, but I hope they aren't lying. Michigan waters are already chilly, I could only imagine what the temperature is in the dead of winter.

How do you get through the colder weather? Do you have a favorite winter activity? Download the app and send us a message!

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