Michigan's Adventure is looking for employees in all departments this summer.

On Monday, Michigan's Adventure took to Facebook to remind those looking for some summer jobs and opportunities that they are now hiring. While there is no official opening date for the park this year, it looks like they are taking a proactive approach to be ready. In a press release earlier this month, Michigan's Adventure stated that they are working with industry experts and government officials to reopen as soon as it is safe to do so.

Managers from all of the departments at Michigan's Adventure are setting up interviews now. Positions are available in foods, merchandise, games, admissions, security, maintenance, rides, and park services. More specifically, a quick search of the website shows they are looking for lifeguards, costumed characters, game associates, ride operators, and more.

To be honest, I have never been to Michigan's Adventure. I was born in Michigan, and with the exception of four years when I was young, I have lived here all my life. How I have never made the trip there is beyond me. I've talked about it with friends for years, yet have never made the trip. This is something that I will remedy as soon as possible.

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Even though we don't know when or if the park will open this year, we do have some idea of what it will look like. Other parks around the country are getting ready to open, including Universal Orlando and Six Flags, and they seem to be heading down similar roads when it comes to protocols and precautions. Temperature checks, masks, social distancing, and limited capacities seem to be the route they are all going. See what Universal Orlando is doing, here. 

No matter what it looks like, I hope to see these parks open as soon as possible. The kids are itching to get out and do something fun and exciting!


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