If you're missing music festivals this summer...

...you're not alone. AJ and I go to the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival every June in Tennessee. And, like all of the music festivals this year, it's been canceled. We're disappointed, but we also totally understand; it's really not safe to gather 100,000 people together in close quarters right now.

Electric Forest is an electronic/jam band music festival that takes place in Rothbury, Michigan at the Double JJ Resort. It attracts almost 50,000 at the end of June every year since it started in 2008.

Instead of having the festival live this year, they're doing an all-weekend-long stream of past performers, which you can watch at any time this weekend in the video above.

By contrast, the Double JJ Resort is hosting the "Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend" this weekend, which includes DJs, yoga classes, meditation workshops, a bar, and an outdoor water park while observing social distancing.

Electric Forest has been very quick to point out, however, that "Sherwood Forest Appreciation Weekend" is not affiliated with them in any way, and that they are committed to "reuniting" in 2021.

As music festival fans, AJ and I have really been enjoying the weekends of live streams. Some festivals, like Coachella, aired performances from previous years, while other festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival had DJs who were scheduled to perform at their event do a set live from their house and stream it live.

No matter what you're missing this summer, there's an alternative. It may not be as fun as the original event, but it's still something to look forward to.

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