Why would police need to be called to separate squirrels, aren’t they busy enough?  

Are they behind the Squirrel Lives Matter movement?

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The police in Grand Blanc Township, southwest of Flint Michigan, was called in to deal with a multiple squirrel incident, known in the police world as an MSI as opposed to an SSI (single squirrel incident). 

Last Friday the police department received multiple calls concerning some suspicious squirrel activity.  They wrote the following about that activity and the resolution to the case on their Facebook page when they stated:

“911 received a call of 7 squirrels, who were tied together by their tails.  Sure enough a scurry of young squirrels were found at the base of a tree, in the 2100 block of Russell St.  It appears they became entangled while in their nest and finally grew to a point the nest couldn’t hold them.

Under the watchful eye of mama squirrel, officers with the help of a citizen were able to separate all seven kits.  Their tails will need a little time to fill back in, but they are safe.  Great team effort!”

Courtesy of Grand Blanc Two Facebook page
Courtesy of Grand Blanc Two Police Facebook page

It appears that Squirrel Lives do matter to the Grand Blanc Township police department. I wonder if Blue Lives Matter to the squirrels?  Perhaps if these squirrels get the word out about what they did for them they will.

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