This is the only county Michigan's lower peninsula with 0 cases of Covid-19.

As of Friday, April 17th, 2020 at 6 A.M. Benzie County has no reported coronavirus cases.  Only 6 counties in Michigan, 5 of which are in the U.P., have that distinction.

According to the Benzie-Leelanaue District Health Department's website the county has tested 47 people.  38 came back negative and 9 tests are pending.

Social distancing has been a way of life in that county well before Covid-19 showed it's ugly head.  According to Wikipedia, Benzie County only has 50 people per square mile.  To put that in perspective, Kalamazoo has 3,009 people per square mile.  Kalamazoo is by no means a large county.  But wow, what a difference.

You can find Michigan's smallest county up against Lake Michigan tucked between Leelanau, Manistee and Grand Traverse counties.  If you've ever visited Sleeping Bear Dunes it's likely you've been to this adorably small Michigan county.

With an estimated population of only 17,753 covering only 860 square miles (540 of the 860 square miles are covered in water) Benzie has the honor of being the smallest county in the mitten state.

We hope they are able to stay undefeated against the Covid.

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