Two mini horses were euthanized recently in Saginaw County after being brutally attacked by a dog.

While owner Ronald Picardi was out running errands on April 10, his two mini horses were attacked by an unknown dog. According to MLive, Picardi returned to his property near Roberts Community Park in Thomas Township around 10 a.m. He walked outside to do some work and that's when he heard dogs barking.

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Picardi went to check on his horses (Duker & Ka-Cee Girl) and that's he noticed they were injured and bleeding.

I immediately knew something was very wrong. Duker at first was just lying there, looking at me and whinnying in pain. It was a look like, ‘Please help me.'

He spotted two dogs and chased one of them away. The other, an English bulldog didn't leave and looked very scared. He believes the dog that took off was the one that attacked his horses. That dog is believed to be a white and black pit bull mix.

The horses were in bad shape. Duker’s legs and ears were ripped up, with one ear bitten off entirely. Ka-Cee Girl's legs were severely injured.

A veterinarian came out and was in shock at the condition of the horses. It was determined right away that both horses needed to be put down.

Animal Control officers scooped up the English bulldog and eventually found the owner who was surprised the her dog was involved in something like this. The other dog that mauled the horses is still on the loose.

Anyone who sees the dog in the Thomas Township area is encouraged to contact Animal Control at 989-797-4500.

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