This is just the happy update I needed today.

Last month I wrote an article about a dog that was dubbed a 'miracle dog' after surviving on the frozen Detroit river for 4 days. With frostbitten paws and legs covered in ice, this little miracle was taken to Woodhaven Animal Hospital in Woodhaven Michigan. You can read the original story below.

Now, I'm happy to report that this pup found his new home with the very man that rescued him. In fact, he's gained national attention!

As reported by People Magazine, the adopter's name is Jude Mead. He's employed by Ontario based J&J Marine which took part in the dog's rescue back in February. Mead and the team from J&J Marine were able to cross the frozen river using an airboat to reach the poor pup who, thankfully, was still alive.

Besides dealing with the freezing cold, this poor dog had a number of health related issues to recover from following his rescue. According to a Facebook post earlier this month from Woodhaven Animal Hospital this puppy was found to have hip dysplasia, a disease that causes extreme pain and bone deformity in dogs. A treatment plan was put underway and he has since been released from the hospital. Prior to their Facebook post, we were given a brief update from Click on Detroit.

While Woodhaven Animal Hospital worked to bring this pup, who I believe has been officially named Miracle, back to health, River Rogue Animal Shelter worked to find him his forever home. In a post from Friends of the River Rogue Animal Shelter, they said:

Many wanted to adopt Miracle. We heard some of the most beautiful stories from so many people as to why they wanted to give him a home, but in the end, and after a VERY CAREFUL, stringent, and thorough application process, which included a home visit as well (thank you to our Canadian friend Mary) it was decided that the man who saved Miracle was the very best fit for him.

After following his harrowing rescue, I am overjoyed to learn that Miracle is recovering well and that his story has a happy ending!

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