Yesterday, there was a story in the news  about a mother taking some heat for letting her four year old daughter wear make-up in public. Today finds a New Jersey mom in some hot water for taking her five year old tanning. Details follow after the jump.



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Patricia Krentcil, the mother in question is being charged with <a href="">2nd degree child endangerment</a>. It is illegal for anyone under the age of fourteen to tan in the state of New Jersey. The little girl complained in school of a bad sunburn, and that's when the authorities were called in. Krentcil, who is very tan, says that it's a big understanding. She claims that she tanned and the daughter stayed in the room outside of the tanning unit. It is unclear if the tanning salon will be investigated. Mom is out on $25,000 bail and says that she will hire a lawyer to fight the charges.

How young is too young to tan? Should mom do jail time?

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