I am giving you plenty of advance notice on this - April 16th is 'National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day'. Yes!

I am lucky that in my profession this would go unnoticed. The beauty of being on the radio is no one sees you. Well, other than co-workers of course and the chance of them noticing a difference between my real clothes and pajamas are slim and none. I swear I have worn the same clothes to work two days in a row and no one said a word. Truth.

That being said, chances are your employer and co-workers would most likely notice if you were in pajamas. Especially if you sleep in something slutty or in nothing at all. If you can get away with wearing pajamas to work this Monday - I say do it. Roll out of bed and roll into the workday. I am all for it. If you dare to participate in the day, be sure to send me some pictures.

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