Get ready it's time go out into the woods and find the spring time fungi delicacy the elusive morel mushroom. The first part of May is the beginning of the search for morels that can be quite tricky to locate. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources does offer a map of spots around the state where you might find the delicious mushroom.
Just in case you haven't ever tasted a morel mushroom they have a nutty flavor and their are quite meaty in consistency.
If you're making plans to go on a morel hunt here are some helpful tips from
To avoid picking and consuming false morels, purchase a good mushroom identification book or better yet, go with someone who has experience with finding morel mushrooms.
Be sure to carry a compass and/or GPS.
Dress appropriately for walking in the woods, keep your skin covered and wear boots or closed toe shoes.
Beware of ticks.
Do your best to avoid trespassing.

Good luck.

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