With all the horrible things happening in the world today, it's easy to have a negative outlook on where we are and where we're going as humans. But these morning commuters from the land down under have restored my faith in humanity!

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Perth, Australia yesterday morning. But things quickly took a turn for the worse when a man trying to board a commuter train. He stumbled, took a step backward, lost his footing, and his leg became lodged between the train and the loading platform. Another passenger in line behind the man flagged down authorities to help. Despite their best efforts to free the man, his leg simply wouldn't budge.

Initially they tried to have passengers move to the opposite end of the train car hoping to offset the weight with no luck. They then unloaded the train as another idea began to take shape.

They say that adrenaline can give people super-human strength. An estimated 50 passengers then teamed up to push the mammoth train, and they were able to free the man. Then it was back to normal as the passengers reloaded the train car, including the man who was trapped. The man reportedly suffered no major injuries, and the train was only 15 minutes late.

Watch this amazing real-time rescue take place in the video below. The man is dislodged at 12:13. Have you seen any amazing acts of goodwill that have restored your faith in humanity?

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