Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you're planning on taking Mom out for brunch, there's no need to overthink it because mom just needs a good piece of meat.

The website, Zippia, used Google trends to find each state's favorite Mother's Day brunch food and the majority want their dishes piled with meat. 21 states had some form of meat as their favorite with sausage being the most popular (13 states) followed by bacon (8 states). However, Michigan mom's prefer something on the sweeter side as their favorite brunch food was cinnamon rolls. Three other states agreed - Arkansas, Hawaii, and West Virginia.

Zippia used common brunch foods and drinks and the search volume of each to find America's favorite.

Yes, it's true Michiganders do love their meat and alcohol, but I'd like to think these results are pretty accurate considering we have that Midwest sweetness to us ☺️ so cinnamon rolls only make sense. What's great about the treat is you can get different variations of them. For example, a cinnamon roll doughnut, cinnamon roll pancakes, cupcakes... so many delicious options!

If you want to know where to find the best cinnamon rolls in the Grand Rapids area... I found this Reddit thread for some ideas. If you already have a place with the best cinnamon roll, let us know in the comments.

No matter what it is that your mom likes make it a point to give her the best Mother's Day brunch. Cheers to all the incredible Michigan moms! I'm doing it with a Bloody Mary since that's my personal favorite ;-)

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