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Music videos used to be a much bigger deal than they are now, and there are some songs that will always be associated with the videos that were put out with them. Some were more performance-based, others were cinematic and had interesting storylines.

A few months ago, YouTube launched a new feature called "Most-Replayed," which allows viewers to literally see the scenes in videos that have been played over and over the most. It's displayed as a gray graph that appears above the red timeline when you scroll through a video. The higher the peak in the graph, the more views that particular segment has received, but the one with the highest number of replays will show the words "most-replayed" when you scroll through it. This has become a really interesting feature to use, because it shows viewers what the most popular part of either the video or the song is.

We wanted to compile a gallery of the most-replayed scenes from the most popular rock and metal videos. One user on YouTube conveniently curated a playlist of the most-viewed rock and metal music videos already, so we went through and took screenshots of the most-replayed parts from each of those videos.

However, there were a few parameters we followed when putting the results together. Firstly, the playlist featured a couple of videos from several artists, so we only used the most popular one from each so that there wouldn't be multiples from Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and so on.

Secondly, if the actual "most-replayed" scene was the very beginning of the video, as in the first few seconds, we used our judgement to pick the second most-viewed scene so that it wouldn't just be full of intros.

Check it out below. We also included the time stamps of each scene underneath the images.

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