The rock line of Funko Pop!'s collectible figures continues to evolve, this time with a new edition of Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister and Poison singer Bret Michaels arriving soon.

For the late Motorhead founder, this will be his third Funko doll and first as part of the brand's "album" series, which aims to recreate the looks rockers sported during the time a particular album was released. For Lemmy, he gets the Ace of Spades treatment, outfitted as the outlaw seen on the cover of the breakthrough 1980 album.

Past iterations include Lem with sunglasses on and holding a cigarette while the other is an onstage replica, bass in hand. The band's iconic Snaggletooth even has its own Funko figure.

Poison fans have the option of purchasing two brand new editions of Bret Michaels — one figure shows the singer wearing a red bandana and the other depicts him wearing a black cowboy hat. Michaels is wearing the shirt of his solo band — Bret Michaels Band — rather than Poison in both collectibles.

Head here to order the Lemmy figures and go here to snag the Bret Michaels figures.

Lemmy Kilmister — Ace of Spades Funko Figure

Bret Michaels Funko Figures

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