Michigan is an awesome state for numerous reasons. One reason, in particular, is the number of movies based in the Great Lakes State.

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It's always exciting to be watching a movie and hear a character say 'Grand Rapids' or 'Detroit'. Grand Rapids is where 'American Pie' was based and Detroit has been the backdrop for several movies, a few of which you will see below including 'Gran Torino' with Clint Eastwood.

As a matter of fact, there is a movie in the works set to star Nicole Kidman that will be based in Holland, Michigan. Reports indicate it will be a thriller. Will it involve the annual Tulip Festival? Death by tulips? I can hardly wait to find out.

There should be something for everyone on the list of Michigan-based films below. You can laugh or cry at many of the selections depending on what you are in the mood for. If you have not watched any of the following movies - grab yourself an apple pie and start with 'American Pie'. That tip will make sense as soon as you see the first scene.


Gran Torino (Highland Park)

True Romance (Detroit)

8 Mile (Detroit)

White Boy Rick (Detroit)

Grosse Point Blank (Grosse Point)

Semi-Pro (Flint)

Reindeer Games (Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

Four Brothers (Highland Park)

The Crow (Detroit)

RoboCop (Detroit)

American Pie (Grand Rapids)

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