Do you remember being a kid, specifically in fifth grade, and feeling like there was never anything just for you? I sure do. We may not be in fifth grade anymore, but maybe you have a kid that is. This contest is your 5th graders time to shine.

The Michigan State Police Missing Children’s Clearinghouse is holding a contest for fifth graders statewide - the 2021 National Missing Children’s Day Poster Contest. This annual contest creates an opportunity to promote child safety while discussing the issue of missing and/or exploited children. This is actually a great project for an entire fifth grade class to be a part of.

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Rules and guidelines for the contest are as follow,

  • Applicants must be in the fifth grade.
  • Original artwork should reflect the theme “Bringing Our Missing Children Home” and the phrase must appear somewhere on the poster.
  • Digitally produced images, collages, cut-outs, and stamping will not be eligible for consideration.
  • The finished poster must measure 8½ x 14 inches.

All participants must also fill out an application. It is basically a description of the poster being submitted, artist information, and parental consent. You can find that form here.

I cannot imagine the hell of having a missing child. My heart goes out to every single parent that has experienced this nightmare, past and present. If these posters can save one life, or find one missing child - that is a definite win.

Michigan’s top winning artist will have a shot at the national contest, which includes a free trip to Washington D.C. and their artwork featured as the National Missing Children’s Day poster.

All poster entries must be postmarked by Friday, January 29, 2021, and mailed to the following address:

Michigan State Police

Missing Children’s Clearinghouse

Attn: Ms. Jolene Hardesty

7150 Harris Drive Dimondale, MI 48821

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