I told you earlier this week, I do not care which team wins the football game tomorrow. It's going one of two ways - Michigan State University wins or University of Michigan wins. There is no in between, or is there? Can a football game end in a tie? Clearly I know nothing about the game.

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Those of you that are die hard MSU fans or U of M fans, what are your predictions for the game tomorrow? Both teams are meeting on the field undefeated. Both teams have not been in the top 10 since 1964. Think about that for a second. The pressure these players are feeling has to be enormous.

Are you that much of a fan of Michigan State or the University of Michigan, that you have a game day ritual? Will you be wearing a lucky jersey, or eating and drinking something specific to bring your college football team of choice a victory?

Maybe you are so much of a fan, that me asking your prediction on the game tomorrow makes you nervous? I don't want you to jinks your team that is for sure. I know tensions are running high between rival fans. I could not debate which team is better MSU of UM, but if you want to debate hair bands - I am your girl.

All kidding aside, let me know what your prediction is for tomorrow. You can be specific with exact scores or simply answer University of Michigan or Michigan State. Here is to a great game of football tomorrow. May the best team win.

For those of you interested in game day snacks (like me), you can check out my list of 10 Game Day Snacks here.

Go Blue! Go Green!

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