On Monday evening, Mt. Morris Township Police were alerted to a home explosion on Flushing Road.

Police believe that two men were performing a marijuana resin extraction when the blast happened and the men were badly burned. Around 6 pm Monday night, neighbors heard the explosion and then saw that the house was on fire.

At first, the authorities were told by the homeowner that the explosion was caused by a leaky propane tank and one of the residents lighting up a cigarette. Upon deeper inspection, Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Terence Green said there was evidence of the residents using butane to extract plant resin from their marijuana.

Of course, recreational and medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, however, extracting resin is illegal. Three people were questioned and released, but the Michigan State Fire Marshal on officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives are continuing the investigation.

Source: ABC 12

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