When I was 20 years old, I think I was in a perpetual fog of hangovers and frat parties in college, so doing something monumental wasn't exactly on the drawing board yet.

NOT the case for West Michigan's own Myron Elkins, who will soon be playing an opening set for ZZ Top!

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Myron's a country artist from "a small town in west Michigan," who's REALLY been making a name for himself lately. He performs solo, but also with his band "The Dying Breed."

If you wanna see him before he REALLY hits it big, he's got a performance this Thursday in Otsego at the Liquid Note. From there, his July is STACKED with shows across the region, including opening as a solo performer on July 8th for ZZ Top at the Cherry Festival in Traverse City. Then, that night, he'll be playing the ZZ Top After Party at Union St. Station!

From there, it's a smattering of shows with the Marshall Tucker Band and Cody Jinks. He also has a run of shows through the southwest - Oklahoma, Nevada, and Arizona - with Kaleo!

Myron posted on his facebook page:

"NEW SHOWS JUST ANNOUNCED! Really excited to announce that I'll be doing a solo opening set for ZZ Top on July 8 at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse, MI... Later that night, the whole band performs at Union St. Station in Traverse City."

This isn't the first time he's had interaction with "That Little Old Band from Texas," either. Along with his new tour dates, he posted a photo of him with Billy Gibbons, at a previous show.

For a full list of Myron Elkins shows, and where you can see him in Michigan, visit his website, and check out his EP "Just another Asshole with a Guitar."

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