This is one of the most random and oddest videos regarding Kalamazoo that I have ever seen. I have to give a shout-out to Erik Pye who sent me an email with the link to this video.

It’s from a radio interview in Vancouver Canada and around the one-minute 39-second mark while Nirvana and Courtney Love are eating pizza in the dressing room. She asks him if the pizza tastes bad and that it reminds her of the terrible pizza they apparently had in Kalamazoo.

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Does this stuff taste bad? It reminds me of Kalamazoo Pizza. Ya, remember that place in Kalamazoo that has terrible pizza?

In the email he provided some context to the short conversation:

I listened to an old Narduwar interview with Nirvana (from 1994), in it - at 1:39 - Courtney Love mentions that she doesn't like the Pizza that they are currently eating, and it reminds her of Kalamazoo Pizza. Kirk responds "In Michigan?" and she says "Remember that place in Kalamazoo that has terrible Pizza." Not the best advertisement for Kalamazoo Pizza.

It Got Better

Seeing as the interview is from 1994, it's safe to assume that they had bad pizza on October 27th, 1993 at the Wings Stadium show during the In Utero tour. Some speculators on the internet think it could have been the pizza served at Wings Stadium, others think it may have been Godfather's Pizza. Personally, I've never had Godfathers, but I've heard good things.

Either way, this is a crazy and strange video to surface with such an iconic guitarist having a random conversation about Kalamazoo pizza with Courtney Love.

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