There is a guy who has been making a big name for himself doing some insane food challenges around the Kalamazoo and Southwest Michigan area. Nathan Klein has taken down some of the most arduous food attempts in recent years.

He most recently took the challenge at Ray Ray's where, with a one-hour time limit, he had to finish a massive 28'' loaded sandwich and over a pound of fries. Since he finished it in under 60 minutes he got the meal for free, a t-shirt, and get to rename the challenge after him. Now he's moved on to the biggest pizza in Kalamazoo.

The Battle Creek native had only 28 minutes to finish a 28'' diameter pizza from Benny DiCarta's in Downtown Kalamazoo. If completed, you get the $100, a shirt, and go on the wall of fame. Benny's is known for their huge slices, and this pizza had 8 of them. If unsuccessful, you would pay $35 and take home some leftovers.

Well, as expected this challenge was nothing for Nathan, as he was able to demolish the entire thing in under 24 minutes:

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This was the largest pizza Nathan has ever attempted to eat alone, and one look at the thing and you could tell he was feeling the pressure, but his final attempt time clocked in at only 23:53.

I don't imagine the next morning was the most pleasant of mornings, but to crush the goal and add another notch to his challenge belt, I guess it was worth the pain and glory. Watch him destroy this pizza below:

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