August 21 is National Spumoni Day. Spumoni is a molded Italian dessert originating in Naples, Italy, with layers of chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream. Other flavors can be used with nuts and candied fruit added to the layers. Originally, in the days before ice cream, spumoni was sherbet blended with a large amount of Italian meringue (cooked, beaten egg white sweetened with hot sugar syrup).The name comes from spuma, the Italian word for foam.
Spumoni is sliced and never scooped so treat yourself to a slice or two. Can't find spumoni? Make it from scratch. All you need is chocolate, pistachio and cherry ice cream, nuts, candied fruits and whipped cream. Layer the ice creams mixed with nuts and fruits and whipped cream in a loaf pan and let set. Unmold, slice and enjoy.

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