Netflix will not be renewing its post-apocalyptic dark comedy Daybreak for a second season, as announced by show co-creator Aron Eli Coleite via Twitter. The series is getting the boot only a month and a half after its October 24 premiere. But it was fun while it lasted. And from Coleite’s words, it seems like the creative team really had a blast. Read the full statement below:

Daybreak is based on Brian Ralph’s comic book series of the same name, set in a Mad Max-esque future version of Glendale, CA. Josh (Colin Ford), an outcast teen, must navigate the zombie wasteland to find his lost love. The show also features Krysta Rodriguez (Smash) as biology teacher/witch Ms. Crumble, and Matthew Broderick as Michael Burr, the principal of Glendale High.

The show was praised by Ralph for its expansion of the universe he started with his graphic novels. He was sold on series co-creator Brad Peyton’s initial pitch of "Ferris Bueller in the apocalypse,” and was "really pleased" with how well the show maintained the comics’ tone and story elements. So what happened? While Daybreak wasn’t a smash hit (it currently sits at 72 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), it wasn’t universally hated either. Maybe that was its problem — in a sea of original offerings from Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, the most buzz-worthy shows (for better or worse) are the ones that get renewed.

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