I'm not gonna lie. To this day, my favorite cartoon of all-time is 'Inspector Gadget', but the original voiced by Don Adams. I absolutely hated the first movie with Matthew Broderick, because he portrayed Gadget's character as an unsure, non-confidant, bumbling idiot. French Stewart's take in the second movie was much closer to the original character, over-confidant, sure of himself, but still a bumbling idiot. That's why there's nothing like the original.

In the new version, it seems like Dr. Claw is more of an idiot than he was in the original, and he has a nephew. He's the guy getting his ass kicked by Penny in the trailer. Also, Penny's cool watch was replaced with something a little more modern. Finally, while the original cartoon easily has one of the best theme songs in cartoon history, the reboot almost certainly has the worst.

So how will the new Netflix series fair? You can find out this Friday, March 27th when a new 13-episode reboot of 'Inspector Gadget' will be available. I bought the first season on DVD for my oldest son when he was a baby, so my kids are very familiar with the original. Netflix also has plans to reboot 'Duck Tales' and 'Danger Mouse' in the near future.

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