Nick Laham, Getty Images

Just in time for summer, and only for the summer, McDonald's is offering baked S'mores pies on their desert menu. Is America a great country, or what? Get the sweet details after the jump.


August brings National S'mores Day and National S'mores Month, and to celebrate the season, McDonald's is offering a sweet treat for the summer. How does a bakes S'mores Pie sound? The fast food chained rolled out their latest desert nationwide on June 18, and they will be on the menu thru September 11.



Now for the nutritional (or not so nutritional!) specifics; 290 calories, 12 grams of fat and 41 grams of carbs. But the pies are baked and have two grams of fiber, so that's healthy, right?

Will you try a McDonald's S'mores Pie this summer, or do you prefer the more traditional campfire S'mores better?