I am not a fan of Peeps, but I am interested in Peeps flavored coffee creamer.

If you love Peeps, there is more on the horizon then just coffee creamer. The Easter treat is releasing new flavors for 2019 - including Pancakes & Syrup flavored Peeps. Say what? It is true. You can also enjoy Root Bear Float and Blue Raspberry Peeps.

Is it weird that I don't think twice about sucking down tequila shots, but I won't eat Peeps? Too much sugar for me, but I am totally interested in the coffee creamer. Not with my tequila of course.

Do you like Peeps? If you have kids, do they like the Easter Bunny to bring them Peeps? Do kids still like Easter candy, or is Easter like Christmas and your kids want actual gifts? I can't keep up.

If you try any of the new flavors, let me know what you think.

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