It looks like the former home of the Detroit Lions might become a new home to Amazon.

Last night plans were released that propose an Amazon site where the Pontiac Silverdome use to be. It is a $250 million project that could start as early as next year. The new distribution center could bring around 1,500 jobs to the area as well. As of now, the city planning commission approved the permit for the site and the grounds would be used for a warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment area and Amazon would be leasing buildings from a developer.

I buy so much stuff from Amazon and I think this would be great for the area. Honestly, I just hope that they get back to the drone delivery idea. If they do that, I will be buying everything from them just to see the drones drop it off at my place. Things I probably wouldn't even need or want, I just want to see the drones. If not, at least I still have two-day delivery.

Source: ABC 12

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