We are all at least a little bit guilty of this! You might even work with someone who has made a successful career doing this! I'm talking about wasting time at work! Now, a new survey reveals how we waste that time at work.

The new survey, just released today by Amplitude Research, asked 300 workers how they wasted time at work. Following company rules and procedures made the list, as did dealing with office politics. Checking email, resolving misunderstandings with co-workers, endless meetings and surfing the web are also big time wasters. It should come as no surprise that Facebook made the survey, but the number one way to kill time at work is indulging in some good, old fashioned chit chat.

51% of the employees surveyed said they waste up to two hours a week on things that are not job related, 11% said that they waste six to nine hours a week, and 4% claimed to waste 10 to nineteen hours of company time a week.

Do you remember this scene from 'Office Space'?

How do you goof off at work? We won't tell your boss, I promise!

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