With the never-ending battle against 2020, Cedar Point has made some changes for the fall festivities this year.

Cedar Point has announced a new fall festival for 2020 only to keep up with the safety protocols in the fight against the coronavirus. This year the park will offer guests a new experience. The new "Tricks and Treats Fall Fest" will begin on September 12th at America's roller coast. This fest will take the place of the traditional HalloWeekends for 2020 only.

The "Tricks and Treats Fall Fest" will include unique entertainment, food, and activities for all ages. It has been designed to allow for better social distancing for guests in the park and enables the park to maintain the proper capacities. Families will be able to purchase the Tricks and Treats Fall Fest Tasting Card and visit stations throughout the park to get snack-sized treats. Other entertainment provided for the "Tricks and Treats Fall Fest" include pumpkin decorating, fall-themed games, games shows, mazes, crafts, and more.

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After Labor Day this year, Cedar Point will only be open on Saturdays and Sundays. The final day of the 2020 season is expected to be Sunday, November 1st. For those looking to purchase season passes for 2021, those go on sale starting September 8th, 2020.

Cedar Point has extended all 2020 seasons passes and add-on products through 2021. Many plans have been pushed off until next year and these just some that you can expect for 2021.

  • The 150th Anniversary Celebration
  • The Snake River Expedition family adventure ride
  • The Celebrate 150 Spectacular parade and street party
  • and the continuation of the Ticket of a Lifetime contest

Even though this year has been rough on everyone, we can all definitely make the most of what we have going on now and hope for a better 2021.

Source: Cedar Point


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