Vaping products that contain vitamin E acetate are now banned in Michigan.  Any previously approved marijuana vaping product must also be retested to prove there is no vitamin E acetate before they can be offered for sale. The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency is instituting the ban following a series of medical cases nationwide where vaping consumers were stricken with medical issues.

The Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s emergency rules require all vaping distillates, a concentrate often sold in cartridges and inhaled using electronic devises, to list additives on the packaging. While current finished product must be tested, re-testing won’t be required for new product.
The state intends to inspect processing facilities twice per month to ensure vitamin E acetate and other potentially harmful additives aren’t being used.

The ban is supported by the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, which represents nearly 200 licensed medical marijuana businesses in the state. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services began tracking and investigating lung illnesses that may be connected to vaping earlier this year.

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