Verizon has recently patented a cable DVR box that will use audio and video to record and analyze what's going on in your living room so that they can provide targeted ads in real time on the TV to suit what's going on. Um, Big Brother much?

It's worse than you would think: for example, if a couple's arguing, they'll show an ad for marriage counseling. Now let's say a different couple in the neighborhood are on the couch cuddling and trying to enjoy each other's company, this creepy DVR will show contraceptive ads. No, we're not making this up -- real life is far stranger than fiction, it seems.

While it's not the first of its kind to be patented, this is still highly creepy and quite invasive. Who wants a cable company watching your every move? Hopefully either the government will step in and nix this as an invasion of privacy or someone will sue the pants off of Verizon, because this is far too creep-tastic for anyone's comfort level.

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