All of the newspapers in the MLive Media Group will stop using mug shots in their stories. 

The MLive Media Group has decided to no longer use mug shots in their articles anymore. When mug shots are posted of those charged with crimes, many times those photos can imply that someone is guilty before the trial or investigation. Once they are posted, those images are out there forever.

MLive Media Group not only has a huge online following, but they also run several newspaper publications throughout Michigan. Those publications include The Bay City Times, The Flint Journal, The Grand Rapids Press, the Jackson Citizen Patriot, the Kalamazoo Gazette, the Muskegon Chronicle, the Saginaw News, and Advance Newspapers.

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Even though most mug shots will no longer be printed in their stories, MLive will make some exceptions to the rule. Mug shots will still be used when covering crimes that may involve public figures, fugitives, or high-profile cases.

I really appreciate this change in direction for reporting crime stories. While even if that person is guilty or not, posting mug shots of them could have negative impacts on those around them. Not every family wants to see or be reminded of what the bad apple of the family has done. Especially if it is a situation that may or may not be true. In my opinion, a mug shot shouldn't be used until after an investigation has been done, a trial has taken place, and the verdict has been made. Innocent until proven guilty.

Source: ABC News


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