I have never had to apply for a marriage license. Full disclosure, no one has asked me to get married. Shocker. Nonetheless, I am guessing applying for one can be stressful. Am I being too generous?

Actor Nicolas Cage was recently caught on camera in at a court house in Las Vegas, reportedly applying for a marriage license. Cage was there with his girlfriend/fiance, Erika Koike. As you will see in the video above, this does not appear to be a happy occasion for Cage. You will hear him tell Koike that he 'isn't doing this', as in getting a marriage license. Koike can be heard telling Cage that she never asked him to do this. He goes on to say 'she is going to take all my money' out loud.

According to the Daily Mail, witnesses believe Cage was allegedly drunk. Reports also indicate that due to the scene that was being made, the couple were taken into a private room and eventually left with papers. Oh brother. Do you think one of the 'papers' was a marriage certificate?

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