It is going to be a hot weekend and many people will want to hit the beach.

With summer winding down, time is limited to hit the beach in Michigan. This weekend will definitely be a beach-worthy weekend that is for sure. We will see the temperature reaching around right around 90 degrees on Saturday and mid-80's on Sunday. The best part is, plenty of sunshine should accompany those temperatures on Saturday. Sunday may see a thunderstorm though.

Take advantage of the time we have left in the summer because before you know it, we will see Northface jackets, uggs, and that disgusting pumpkin spice flavor that takes over everything.

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As you plan out the next couple of days and make your way to the beach, make sure that your favorite beach is open before you go. 

Michigan beaches with closures or contamination advisories (as of 8/20/21)

  • Handsome Lake - Crossroads for Youth - Closed
  • Wixom Lake - Wixom Waters - Closed
  • Crooked Lake - Independence Oaks County Park - Closed
  • Lake St. Clair - St. Clair Shores Memorial Park Beach - Contamination Advisory
  • Big Seven Lake - Seven Lakes State Park - Closed
  • Houghton Lake - Lakeview Park - Contamination Advisory
  • Detroit River - Belle Isle Beach - Closed
  • Pontiac Lake - Pontiac Recreation Area - Closed
  • Pike Bay at Portage Canal/Lake Superior - Chassell Beach - Contamination Advisory

Even though these nine beaches are closed or under a contamination advisory, Michigan still has a lot of places to go and cool off. Check out the details and status of all of Michigan's 1,233 public beaches and 572 private beaches with the Michigan BeachGuard System here. 

Source: Michigan BeachGuard System

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