CCR founding members Stu Cook and Doug Clifford say they aren't at all interested in working with John Fogerty ever again. Last summer Fogerty said his anger had subsided, and he expressed an openness to the possibility of reteaming with Stu and Doug. But John's words aren't sitting well with the two of them.  In an interview with "Uncut" magazine, Clifford says a CCR reunion "might have been a nice idea 20 years ago, but it's too late."  Cook admits he's skeptical of Fogerty's recent change of heart, stating "leopards don't change their spots."  The bassist adds that he believes John's comments were "just an image-polishing exercise," because his "phone certainly hasn't rung."

Creedence Clearwater Revival went through an acrimonious breakup in the early '70s, and there was plenty of bad blood between Fogerty and his ex-bandmates for years.  John even sued Stu and Doug in 1977 for touring as "Creedence Clearwater Revisited."  But last summer Fogerty told "The Calgary Herald" that while he'd previously say "absolutely not" when asked about a reunion, he'd noticed that "there isn't the bombast" in his voice like there was before when he'd deny or refuse to get back together with the band.  He added that the idea of a reunion "doesn't really kick up a big firestorm of emotion" in him anymore, and "if someone started talking," he'd "sit still long enough to listen."