Today is National Michigan Day. Who knew? Our awesome state not only has a lot of original people - we have a lot of original food and beverages, including Faygo pop. 

I think it is safe to assume if you live in Michigan you have tried at least one flavor of Faygo. I don't drink pop (does diet and whiskey count?), but I have certainly sampled many Faygo flavors when I did. I loved Rock N' Rye! Throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream in there and boom, RNR float! According to the Faygo website, there are over 40 flavors - a lot I have never even heard of (Diet Gold Faygo?). Check out the video below of non-Michiganders tasting some of the most common Faygo flavors for the first time.

I am wondering what a whiskey and Rock N' Rye might taste like?


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