It's official, I may have found the craziest painted house in Michigan, and that's saying something considering the sick paint jobs some of these houses in Kalamazoo have. Someone on the comment section where the photo was posted even came up with a name for it: It's a "Blacklight Fuzzy Poster House!"...get the bright colored paint out and go to town! -ChrisandTrina Hanes-. That's the most accurate description I think anyone could come up with for this house that was painted by W. C. Bevanat the corner of 3rd St and Mill St in the little village of Northport on the Northwestern most peninsula of Lower Michigan.

I have so many questions about this house and it turns out it's quite popular, as many people provided information about it:

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Hi. My hometown. I live in Northport. It isn't abandoned. The building attached to it was going to be turned back into a restaurant. However, because of Covid it was put on hold. Someone does live there year around.

Someone even gave some insight as to the house's history:

This is sometimes used as a vacation rental. It’s a studio apartment upstairs. It was originally a gas station, way back in the day. It has been a restaurant called The Eat Spot, a deli and also a restaurant called The North End.

So it turns out this house is as unique as its paint job. I'm gonna be heading to Traverse City in a few months so I'm gonna have to take some time out to go check this place out.

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