There is a lot more to October than just Halloween. I just found out today that October is National Pizza Month. In my opinion, any pizza is good pizza - that being said, there are a lot of standout pizza places in Genessee County, Lapeer County and  points beyond.

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When I think of my favorite pizza spots, I think of the following places (in no particular order),

I am good with a plain cheese pizza from Red Devil, or a Super 7 from Sam's - with all the toppings. I am not much in the kitchen, but I do have a great hack for reheating left over pizza - warm it up in a frying pan. Just warm up the pan, place the pizza slice crust side down first, crisp up the crust, flip and warm up the top. You might think that all of your toppings will stick to the pan, they don't. After you try this, you will never warm up pizza in a microwave again, ever.

As far as frozen pizza goes, I am a fan of California Pizza Kitchen. They have a variety of toppings, flavors, and they do offer cauliflower crust. Don't knock it until you try it. Rocky's Pizza in Swartz Creek also has a great cauliflower crust.

I know there are a lot of great pizza places I missed. Let me know your favorite spots and what you recommend from each. Enjoy the rest of National Pizza Month.

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