Now I know there truly is a day for EVERYTHING. Today is National Selfie Day. I feel like every day is selfie day for a lot of people. Say cheese and post yet another selfie on all the social media.

I can't say I have never taken a selfie. I have - then immediately deleted it. I do not photograph well and I just can't seem to get a decent pic of myself. I am however okay with being in someone else's selfie. I am pretty good at posting pics of other people.  That, however, is not a selfie. I will let you know when National Post A Picture Of Someone Else Day is. I am sure there is one. Like I said, there is a day for EVERYTHING.

Let the celebration of National Selfie Day begin! Slap on your duck lips ladies, guys take off your t-shirts and post your best selfie ever - today is your day to shine. Be sure to use filters and the crop tool to make it a 'not so true you'selfie. Who cares if you look totally different in real life? All that matters is how you look on social media and the number of likes you get. Wah Wah. I am joking, but it is also kind of true. What a time to be alive.

I love a reason to celebrate, but like I said, I just don't take selfies. I will, however, take a shot of tequila. Cheers!

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