If there ever was a sugar daddy story, this is a textbook example. A theater director, 73, is suing his former girlfriend, a 27-year-old dancer -and no, not that kind. He claims she faked their romance so that he would buy her a pricy crib in Manhattan.

The director, Antonio Calenda, bought Natasha Diamond-Walker a home on the Upper West Side to the tune of $775,000. He claims she ended the relationship when she got what she wanted. Uh, we don’t need a near-million dollar home to factor into the details to realize this. It happens all the time, Tony.

According to the Daily Mail, Diamond-Walker, who performs with the Martha Graham Dance Company and studied at Fordham University, is accused in court documents of pretending to be in love with this prestigious Italian director and then breaking up with him once she got her digs, a swanky one-bedroom condo. She is being portrayed as a gold-digger who manipulated her lover to get what she wanted.

Calenda, who split with his wife a decade ago, filed the suit in Manhattan’s Supreme Court on Monday (Aug. 6). He is also seeking a cool million in damage, since he claims that he and Diamond-Walker had a written agreement. His lawyer said, “She never had any intentions to repay our client and she abruptly severed their relationship as soon as she got what she wanted.”

We hate to play devil’s advocate here – no, actually, we love doing that- but he thinks there’s really no culpability on his side? A septuagenarian isn’t suspicious of a girl nearly 50 years his junior wanting to date him? Come on, Antonio. You don’t need to wear glasses to see this scam, bro!

The couple met while working on ‘Looking for Picasso’ in Italy last year. During the 10-month romance, Calenda, who is based in Rome, showered Diamond-Walker with gifts, like the newly-renovated condo, which is located close to the New York City theater scene, a place she wants to be.

Calenda said he bought the apartment as a loan, and that there is written agreement in place. It was signed on July 19, 2011, in which Diamond-Walker allegedly agreed to repay the entire sum, without interest, in several years. The repayment is due in full in December 2018.

Whoa. How the hell is she going to pay that? He must have really believed in her dancing talents and expected her to make bank in her career. However, she broke up with Calenda three months after securing the loan, claiming she’d never repay him.

Maybe she should look into the other kind of dancing.

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