Your old, vinyl long-playing albums are being given a second life away from the turntable. Patrick Chirico, owner of Wrecords by Monkey in Brooklyn, New York, has found another use for LPs, turning them into a variety of other life forms. As part of the process, he separates the thick vinyl from thin for practical purposes. “The thick vinyl we use for clocks and wall art and things that don’t need to be manipulated” he said. “And the thinner vinyl we use for laser-cutting and bracelet-making.” Chirico says he uses around ninety percent of every record. In addition, he utilizes album sleeves, turning them into smartphone speaker stands. He even recycles inner sleeves, using them for packing material. A bracelet will set you back somewhere between $10 and $25 and a clock runs between $40 and $100. Chirico says his clientele ranges in age from 20 to 70 but most fall into the nostalgia-driven demographic. You can find more information on Wrecords by Monkey here

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