Monday afternoon, a panel unanimously voted to ban the open carry of guns in Michigan's Capitol building.

The issue was initially discussed in 2020 following a protest at the Capitol building in which several protesters carried weapons. At that time, the Michigan State Capitol Commission decided to hold off on voting on the ban.

The issue came back into the spotlight last week, following the riot at the U.S. Capitol.

While the open carrying of firearms will no longer be allowed within the Capitol building, concealed carry will still be allowed.

In a statement, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer said,

The Capitol Commission’s action to ban open carry guns at the Capitol is a good start, but more action is needed. On a normal day, hundreds of people walk through the Capitol, including groups of fourth graders, teachers, and parents on school field trips to learn about state government. That’s why we must take action to ban all weapons at the Capitol to keep Michiganders safe. I am hopeful that the Capitol Commission will recognize the need for further actionand I stand ready to assist in implementing this policy to keep Michiganders safe.

Michigan Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mike Shirkey stated last week that he would support a ban on open carry in the Capitol. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessell has also been outspoken about guns being banned.

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