Who doesn't want more? More money? Yes! More time? Yep! More teauila? Hell yeah! How about more stuffing in your OREO cookie? You got it!

For a limited time my little cookie cravers, OREO is offering up even more of a good thing. It's all of the flavor of an OREO cookie you already know and love - just stuffed with even more STUF (that is how they spell it). Interested? Duh!

I am not sure as to why these are only available for a limited time. My guess would be just to build up a buzz around them. We always want what we can't have - am I right? So the fact that these fluffed up 'more stuf' cookies are available for a short time, turns most of us into cookie monsters.

Do not blame me if you feel the need to put your mouth around one (or ten) of these cookies. Blame my buddy Bryan Aldrich - he posted the pic first on his Facebook. Thanks a lot Bryan. I will let you all know how they taste with tequila.

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