Starting this Wednesday, Owosso schools are making the switch from in-person learning to entirely remote learning. This is due to the increase in coronavirus cases involving people that have ties with the district and of course the growing number of cases in and around Shiawassee County.

According to ABC12, Superintendent Andrea Tuttle said several students and families reported positive cases of COVID-19 to Owosso Public Schools administrators over the weekend.

Now they have to do all the contact tracing for each student which sounds like it would be a nightmare to deal with.

As of right now, students will switch to remote learning until next Friday, November 13. I wouldn't be surprised to see it go beyond that.

You can also kiss sports goodbye until November 16 as well. No winter sports practices or tryouts will take place in Owosso during that time period.

I believe it's only a matter of time before every school across the state of Michigan does the exact same thing. Hell, my kid is a freshmen this year and hasn't stepped foot in the Grand Blanc High School yet. His grades definitely reflect not being in school too.

I have no idea what the next move should be but I'm not sure I agree with shutting everything down every single time someone comes in contact or tests positive for COVID-19...that's just my opinion.

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