As students in the Oxford Community School district return to class after the holiday break, some will be required to clear or see-through back backpacks.

Oxford Community Schools Superintendent Tim Throne made the announcement on a YouTube video directed at parents in the district.

"I know it was a different Christmas and holiday break for many of us. Continue to reach out to support one another with your thoughts and prayers," Throne said. "We are doing clear backpacks for middle school, Bridges, and high school students when they return."

Throne went on to note that clear backpacks will be provided by the school district. At this time, they're not asking elementary students to carry clear backpacks, but backpacks must be stored in cubbies or lockers during the day.

All Oxford school buildings will have private security, therapy dogs, and trauma specialists as students return to school.

Today (1/3) is the first day of school for elementary and middle students as the Christmas break comes to an end. However, Superintendant Tim Throne and the Oxford Community school board have not yet determined when in-person learning will resume at the High School, the site of a mass shooting that claimed the lives of four students on November 30.

Throne went on to say that "safety, both physical and emotional, is at the top of our list [of concerns]," as students make their return to school.

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These Three Michigan Homes Have Heated Driveways

On a cold, wintery day wouldn't it be nice to be able to flip a switch and have all that snow and ice melt off your driveway? No shoveling, no wrestling with the snowblower - just a little bump in your electric bill, and all that white stuff is gone.

We found three homes for sale here in Michigan that feature heated driveways.

And one of them (which is located in Kalamazoo) is listed for under a half million dollars.

#1 is in Holland. It's a 5,000 square foot beauty that lists for $3.5 million.
#2 is in Grand Haven. This five-bedroom home is on the market for $2.7 million.
#3 is in Kalamazoo. This is the most affordable of the bunch listing for just $499,000.

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